Tamar Energy, Tamar Energy 2012
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Tom Wesselmann: Journeys into the Landscape, Bernard Jacobson Gallery 2008
David Altmejd, Modern Art 2012
George Shaw - What I did this Summer, Ikon Gallery 2003
Katie Paterson - Fossil Necklace, Kettle’s Yard 2013
Alan Kane - The Stratford Hoard, Art on the Underground 2008
Marcel Broodthaers, Milton Keynes Gallery 2008
Andy Warhol - Warhol Is Here, De La Warr Pavilion 2011
Parade, Angel Row Gallery 2007
John Stezaker: Masks, The approach 2007
Nina Danino: Meteorologies,  2013
Anna Bella Papp, Modern Art 2013
Keith Wilson - Galvanised, Milton Keynes Gallery 2004
Lonnie Holley: Do we think too much? I don’t think we can ever stop., Ikon Gallery 2004
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Fiona Banner - Harrier and Jaguar, Tate Publishing 2010
Katie Paterson - Second Moon, Locus+ 2013
Peter McDonald - Art for Everybody, Art on the Underground 2009
Smoke, Pump House Gallery 2008
Screenland, Whitstable Museum & Gallery 2006
I Cheer a Dead Man's Sweetheart, De La Warr Pavilion 2014
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Paul Lee, Modern Art 2011
Katie Paterson - Second Moon, Locus+ 2013
Richard Tuttle, Modern Art 2011
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Mistaken Presence, Beacon Art Project 2013