Dawn Mellor - What Happened to Helen?, Focal Point Gallery 2013
Edinburgh Art Festival 2011, Edinburgh Art Festival 2011
News News,  2013
Cathy Haynes - Stereochron Island, Chisenhale Gallery 2014
Bridget Smith - If You Want To Talk About Light You Have To Talk About Waves, Focal Point Gallery 2015
Mira Calix - Inside There Falls ,  2014
Gilles Jacob: Citizen Cannes, Phaidon 2011
Bob Cobbing & Peter Mayer - Concerning Concrete Poetry, Slimvolume 2014
A Map of London Art Galleries,  2008
Sean Lynch - A Blow-by-Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford, Modern Art Oxford 2014
Anna Parkina, Focal Point Gallery 2012Anna Parkina, Focal Point Gallery 2012
Frances Richardson: Ideas in the Making: Drawing Structure, Trinity Contemporary 2011
J. Maizlish Mole: Wild Weeds,  2011
David Austen - The story of my death as told to me by another,  2015
Brian Griffiths, Koenig Books 2011
Club of Friends, Calvert 22 Gallery 2014
Ariana Reines, Modern Art 2013
Bridget Penney: Index, Book Works 2008
Colourless Future, Dulux 2015
John Timberlake - Bussard Ramjet, Artwords Press 2009
Daniel & Matthew Wolfe - Catch Me Daddy, StudioCanal 2015
Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf, EM15 2015
Giorgio Sadotti - POLICE ICE ICE POLICE,  2010Giorgio Sadotti - POLICE ICE ICE POLICE,  2010
Fish: Recipes from the sea, Phaidon 2012
Profusion , Beacon Art Project 2010
Hannah Rickards - To enable me to fix my attention on any one of these symbols I was to imagine that I was looking at the colours as I might see them on a moving picture screen., Modern Art Oxford 2014