Typography Summer School,  2015
Jacqueline Poncelet -  Wrapper, Art on the Underground 2012
The Power of Paper, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 2015
Frances Richardson: Ideas in the Making: Drawing Structure, Trinity Contemporary 2011
Jeremy Deller - English Magic, Turner Contemporary 2014
View, Institut français 2015
Annual Appeal, Modern Art Oxford 2015Annual Appeal, Modern Art Oxford 2015
Debora Delmar Corp. & Test Run: Performance in Public, Modern Art Oxford 2015
Kayak Flatwater, Grafik 2009
Dawn Mellor - Michael Jackson and Other Men, Studio Voltaire 2011
Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf, EM15 2015
Jemima Stehli - Endears me, yet remains, Focal Point Gallery 2013Jemima Stehli - Endears me, yet remains, Focal Point Gallery 2013
Jenny Saville, Modern Art Oxford 2012
Cathy Haynes - A Report on Progress by the Timekeeper in residence, UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology 2013
Bridget Smith - If You Want To Talk About Light You Have To Talk About Waves, Focal Point Gallery 2015
Live and Let Die, Modern Art 2014
Daniel & Matthew Wolfe - Catch Me Daddy, StudioCanal 2015
Stephen Cripps, Henry Moore Institute 2013
Sam Jacob Studio, Sam Jacob Studio 2015
Lothar Hempel , Modern Art 2015
EM15, EM15 2015
Voice of the Triangle, Modern Art 2012
Tom Burr, Modern Art 2011
Eva Rothschild - Hot Touch, The Hepworth Wakefield 2011