Yair Oelbaum: There we will be buried, Focal Point Gallery 2012
Jem Finer - Longplayer Live programme, Artangel 2009
Giorgio Sadotti - THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS, Focal Point Gallery 2012
Daan van Golden - Red or Blue, Camden Arts Centre 2009
Gillian Wearing, Ridinghouse 2012
Cultural Metropolis, Greater London Authority 2014
Club of Friends, Calvert 22 Gallery 2014
Jarek Piotrowski, Galerie8 2012
Bridget Penney: Index, Book Works 2008
David Noonan, Modern Art 2012
Ariana Reines, Modern Art 2013
Torn Slot,  2013
Jemima Stehli - Endears me, yet remains, Focal Point Gallery 2013Jemima Stehli - Endears me, yet remains, Focal Point Gallery 2013
David Mabb - Announcer, Focal Point Gallery 2014
Gilberto Zorio, Milton Keynes Gallery 2010
David Mabb - Announcer, Focal Point Gallery 2014
David Alan Mellor: No Such Thing As Society, Hayward Publishing 2007
Photographing Sculpture, Henry Moore Institute 2014
Simon Martin - Hammer House, Focal Point Gallery 2014
Richard Tuttle, Modern Art 2011
New Contemporaries 2013, New Contemporaries 2013
Robert R. D'Souza & Daniel Cid Moragas: Barcelona Masala,  2014
Frances Richardson - Ideas in the Making: Drawing Structure, Trinity Contemporary 2011
Kate Atkin - London Pleasures, Trinity Contemporary 2012
Hannah Rickards - To enable me to fix my attention on any one of these symbols I was to imagine that I was looking at the colours as I might see them on a moving picture screen. , Modern Art Oxford 2014
Susan Philipsz - You are not alone, Modern Art Oxford 2010
Metronomy - Beer bottle, Heineken 2012
Clare Woods, Modern Art 2012
Emma Rushton & Derek Tyman - Flying Down to Moscow, Wild Pansy Press 2007
Lara-Schnitger, Modern Art 2014
Fragments, David Kohn Architects 2012