William Tillyer - Hardware Variations on a Theme of Encounter, Bernard Jacobson Gallery 2002
Arnaud Desjardin - The Book on Books on Artist Books, The Everyday Press 2011
Brian Griffiths - Alive, A Foundation 2007
Fiona Banner - The Greatest Film Never Made,  2012
Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark, Barbican Art Gallery 2011
Giorgio Sadotti - ELEANOR TIME TIMES ELEANOR, Swiss Cottage Library 2013
Giorgio Sadotti - Split Swiss,  2013
Mimeographica Alphabetica, Whitechapel Gallery 2014
Katie Paterson - Second Moon, Locus+ 2013
Eva Rothschild - Hot Touch, The Hepworth Wakefield 2011
Bruce McLean - Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Film, Firstsite 2014
Jeremy Deller & Fraser Muggeridge - English Magic Remix Portfolio, Crate 2014
William Morris & Andy Warhol - Love Is Enough, Modern Art Oxford 2014
Goshka Macuga - The Nature of the Beast, Whitechapel Gallery 2010
Roman Vasseur - Dead Stock, Stanley Picker Gallery 2013
Living in Silk, Nottingham Castle 2012
Dawn Mellor - What Happened to Helen?, Focal Point Gallery 2013
Laure Prouvost - The Artist Book, Book Works 2013Laure Prouvost - The Artist Book, Book Works 2013
Mistaken Presence, Beacon Art Project 2013
Tom Wesselmann: Journeys into the Landscape, Bernard Jacobson Gallery 2008