Gilberto Zorio, Milton Keynes Gallery 2010
Edward Bawden: Essex Watercolours, Firstsite 2013
The Power of Paper, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 2015
Hannah Rickards - To enable me to fix my attention on any one of these symbols I was to imagine that I was looking at the colours as I might see them on a moving picture screen., Modern Art Oxford 2014
Typography Summer School ,  2013
Fish: Recipes from the sea, Phaidon 2012
Daniel & Matthew Wolfe - Catch Me Daddy, StudioCanal 2015
Thames Delta – Part Two, Focal Point Gallery 2012
Mike Nelson - An Invocation: Five hundred and thirty books from Southend Central Library, Focal Point Gallery 2013
Braille X, X Marks the Bökship 2012
Phil Collins - Yeah..... you, baby you, Milton Keynes Gallery 2005
Stewart Home: Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie, Book Works 2010
Giorgio Sadotti - HI DE,  2012
Richard Tuttle, Modern Art 2011
Seven Up, Adam Khan Architects 2014
Cathy Haynes - A Report on Progress by the Timekeeper in residence, UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology 2013
Goshka Macuga - Sleep of Ulro, A Foundation 2007
Thomas Houseago - What Went Down, Modern Art Oxford 2011
‘One Day in the Life of…’, Room 13 Hareclive 2009
Sean Lynch - A Blow-by-Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford, Modern Art Oxford 2014
Stephen Cripps, Henry Moore Institute 2013
Bookmark, Focal Point Gallery 2012