Mimeographica Alphabetica,  2014
Autograph ABP 2003
Paulette Phillips: The Secret Life of Criminals, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art 2004
Bristol Art Weekender, Situations 2014
Benedict Drew - Public Address, Focal Point Gallery 2014
Roger Hiorns, Milton Keynes Gallery 2006
Jeremy Deller & Fraser Muggeridge - English Magic Remix, Crate 2014
Fiona Banner - Snoopy vs The Red Baron,  2011
‘One Day in the Life of…’, Room 13 Hareclive 2009
Jeremy Deller - English Magic, British Council 2013
Luc Fuller - Standing Paintings, Rod Barton 2014
Rite of Passage: The Early Years of Vienna Actionism 1960–1996, Hauser & Wirth 2014
Karla Black, Modern Art 2014
Daan van Golden - Red or Blue, Camden Arts Centre 2009
Matthew Monahan, Modern Art 2012
Charles Saatchi: Known Unknowns, Booth-Clibborn Editions 2014
Nowhereisland, Situations 2011
Paul Buck: In the disappearing mist, the gift whispers, Focal Point Gallery 2012
A Clockwork Jerusalem, British Council 2014
James Brooks - Eleven Times James Brooks, Trinity Contemporary 2010
Voice of the Triangle, Modern Art 2012
Giorgio Sadotti - POLICE ICE ICE POLICE,  2010Giorgio Sadotti - POLICE ICE ICE POLICE,  2010
David Altmejd, Modern Art 2012
Jarett Kobek: Hoe #999, Book Works 2010
Hannah Rickards - To enable me to fix my attention on any one of these symbols I was to imagine that I was looking at the colours as I might see them on a moving picture screen., Modern Art Oxford 2014
Close and Far, Calvert 22 Gallery 2014
Rhiannon Williams: Critical Cloth, Nottingham Castle 2011
Fairy Tale, The New Art Gallery Walsall 2007